Khoon Hooi

If one label embodies the concept of “new romantic,” it’s floaty, dreamy, dessert-as-clothing Khoon Hooi, by Malaysian designer Lee Khoon Hooi.

You won’t find a single abrasive item in his collection – he even manages to make black leather motorcycle gloves elegant when paired with a soft red one-shoulder dress. Since his 1999 fashion debut, Khoon Hooi’s looks have effortlessly vacillated between Gallic literary heroine and regal sweetheart next door. But the smart cookie never seems to deviate far from what he knows his customers really want – something pretty.









NYC stores:
Noir et Blank: 19 W. 23rd St., New York, NY. (212) 627-1750.
Big Drop: 174 Spring St., New York, NY. (212) 966-4299.

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