I kind of have this thing with capes. I just love them. Believe me, I realize they look preposterous, theatrical and pompous to some, but I can’t help but feel they elevate a casual outfit to something luxurious and memorable.

Astrid Brucker is the mastermind behind Astridland, an Indie label that does for the cape what Carrie Bradshaw did for the entire high heel shoe industry. And when she isn’t pairing capes with amazing, matching itsy bitsy shorts, she’s making Angelina Jolie proud with her collection of slinky, sullen gowns.

Learn more about Astridland or shop her collection.







Quite a few stores are now carrying Astridland…including:

Debut: 298 Mulberry St., New York, NY. (212) 343-2717.
TG-170: 170 Ludlow St., New York, NY. (212) 995-8660.

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