Consignment Connection — ‘Good’ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is a pretty little place. It has a gorgeous pedestrian path adjacent to a bay, architecture that ranges from McMansion horrors to Gothic Revival Mansions and bluestone plates left over from the days carriages flanked unpaved roads.

Unfortunately, there’s also bad Bay Ridge — and it looks a little like this:

Bad Bay Ridge

A plethora of shops along 86th Street with names like “Pretty Girl” are where you can find $20 thigh-high tinsel-colored dresses that probably fit like tube socks. Not exactly the kind of recession shopping that makes me happy.

And then there’s Consign Connection.I’m a big fan of consignment shopping and have been since I discovered Ina in Noho. There really is no other way my broke feet are going to know what a Jimmy Choo feels like unless that Choo cost $90 and once belonged to a very blonde girl named Brookie.

Consign Connection is different. There’s some hefty editorial work involved in the selection of such perfect and unique pieces, and a very caring matron indeed who slaps $30 price tags on worn, but not WORN, designer pieces.

A few treasures I found:

A crisp Anna Sui blouse for $45…funky vintage winter coats — the magical kind that boast interesting wraparound collars and 3/4 length sleeves AND actually keep you warm without adding garbage bag-like bulk — for less than $200…tailored Tahari suit jackets for less than you’d pay in retail for super nice jeans.

Oh, and a fantastic store owner who will offer suggestions without being pushy, compliments with sincerity, and who — in true Brooklyn fashion — has so little room she sets up an ironing board in the middle of the floor and gets to work making your future dream pieces look their very best.

In a word: charming.

Consign Connection: 8715 Third Ave., Brooklyn. (718) 491-6083.

5 thoughts on “Consignment Connection — ‘Good’ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  1. It’s all true! This consignment shop has it all. It may be small in size but once you enter the store it is neat and organized with wonderful, “almost new” clothes, coats, jewels, handbags and shoes to try on. There are clothes for the workplace, casual wear, and even some formal wear dresses/gowns. The owner is a doll. She helps you pair up an item with another and always has a fun story to share. I love to shop there and I always get compliments on the clothes that I purchase there. The best thing is that I can afford to be fashionable and still have money to spend on a night in the big apple wearing my new clothes from Consign Connection. Check out the store. I doubt that you will be disapointed.

  2. I love Consign Connection. I pass by once a week and always find something new. This is a budget fashionista’s dream come true. Yolanta’s prices are reasonable for her designer items-Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Michael Kors, Alviero Martini… For example, I purchased a beautiful Michael Kors dress for only $32!

  3. This store has been around a long time and never ceases to amaze its customers with it`s fresh look, unusual selection and friendly approach. Bargains on everything: designer clothing, handbags and of course one of a kind jewelry. Great place to sell your stuff too. Consign Connection is an incredible second-hand clothing boutique. It is my favorite store ever !

  4. Consign Connection in Bay Ridge….. what a treasure this place is ! You could spend all day there. I love their selection of clothes and accessories, you will find something new every day. I think the pricing structure is good too. I recently became a consignor also and I was paid what I consider a very fair amount for my items. I wanted to sell more winter sweaters but it was to late already. You need to be responsible to check on the status of your account. The owner is selective and she knows her business. Check it out. I always bring in friends from out of town.

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