Public Library — the clothing line, not the institution

I’m a sucker for a witty or interesting clothing line name. But when I came across Public Library, all I could think was how frustrating it must be for them to never, ever pop up on the first page of a Google search.

Logistics aside, the California-based design team makes T-shirts, cute ones, that sell at exclusive boutique shops like Harvey Nichols in London and The Big Drop in NYC. Despite this annoying fact, not to mention the even more annoying fact that they outfit super-annoying celebs like Lindsay Lohan and at least two out of five (six? how many are there?) Kardashian’s, I have to give the label a (how annoying is this word) “shout-out” for keeping their prices fairly reasonable.

While some of their shirts cross over into dangerous Ed Hardy territory, for $57, you can get something adorable:

For $50, a spotted cheetah:

For $26, an example of wit, L.A. style:

And, my personal favorite, a $30 ode to the neon plastic land of lala:

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