Simplicity in a holiday season of ruffles and ritz

Sometimes, when I’m having a blah day, I’ll visit The Sartorialist blog and, in a matter of seconds, I’ll feel inspired.

Call it a case of the holiday shopping blues, but this week has been a bit dismal. I’m tired of color block dresses, ruffles and pleats. I’m in the mood for simple and breezy fashions, something like this — captured by The Sartorialist in Sydney, Australia:

True, the lovely lass is sitting sunshine while we’re freezing over here in NYC, but simple dressing can also be found in cold climate wardrobes, so I set out to pick up some winterized looks inspired by carefree Sydney.

Okay, so rule number one — no fuss, no frills — just a perfectly placed bit of draping…(Modcloth $64.99)

…that would look amazing with crisp riding boots…(Amiclubwear $26.99)

For the holidays, a simple cherry-red silk tee dress….(Club Monaco)

….that I have to say I think would look even better with a more whimsical necklace…(Etsy), I have a crush on you..($39.99)

Did I say “crush?” What I meant is, I really, really like you,…($26.00)

Okay, no, make that love., I am ridiculously in love with you. ($26.00)

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