Fashion News Roundup: Week of Dec. 13

Yokoo Gibran reportedly earns more than $140k a year selling her pretty, cushy crocheted scarves, hats and mug cozies (hey, why not?) on Etsy. [New York Times]

Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige resigns. Media outlets wonder if Lindsay Lohan — and her truly awful pasties — have anything to do with his decision. [Reuters]

Fashion retail has become increasing competitive. How does one keep up with H&M’s ever-growing roster of guest designers? If you’re American Apparel, you launch a collection of 18 nail polish shades — in fashion-forward colors like mint green and grey. [The Independent]

Fashion blogging is huge in China. And Wang Hao, the creator of blog My Boyfriend is Very Sexy, offers the best quote of the week: “The most interesting part of this work is I don’t have to look at those clothes in a professional way. I don’t comment like a fashion critic, I just see them from a customer’s perspective. That is why fashion blogs are popular – readers like the fact that they are free of PR language.” [China Daily]

By now, you may have heard that Twilight actor Kellan Lutz will reprise Marky Mark’s (or Mark Walhberg, if you prefer) role as a Calvin Klein uber-underwear model. What you may not realize is that Vogue is cooler than you think for “missing the Twilight train” the first time around. [New York Magazine]

Not only does designer Martin Margiela kick fashion tush, he does so quietly. [New Zealand Herald]

The Wall Street Journal calls 2009 fashion “ridiculous.” You have to admit, they have a point when referring to “power shoulders” and harem pants, but what did adorable necktie blouses ever do to them? And short-shorts with opaque tights? I’m sorry — now you’ve crossed the line, WSJ. [Wall Street Journal]

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