Project White T-Shirt

I am triple d-dog in love with this idea: Project White T-Shirt.

From Dec. 19 until Jan. 27, 31 designers from 13 countries are participating in a project in which each has the task of transforming the plain white T-shirt into whatever on earth they desire. The project isn’t just uber recession-tastic, it’s also incredibly thoughtful. After the exhibit ends, the shirts will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to Designers Against Aids.

To make matters even more interesting, these designers and artists are bloody good. We’re talking top-notch. Have a looksie at the funny video and enjoy a sneak peek of some cool T-shirt creations…like Parisian Andrea Crew’s take:

Andrea Crews

From Montreal, Complex Geometries:

Complex Geometries

Australian Narelle Dore’s cheeky take:

Narelle Dore

Hong Kong/L.A.-based Triple Major created some major sleeves:

Triple Major

My personal favorite…Swedish designer and artists Annika Berger of Skyward is influenced by the many, many ropes that furnish the seaside Swedish city of Göteborg.


If you’re like me and you aren’t lucky enough to be able to attend the event in Los Angeles, you can bid for a shirt on their website.

The rest of you, get thee to Welcome Hunters, located at 451 Gin Ling Way, L.A. (open 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.; closed on Tuesday).

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