My interest in in learning more about all the amazing California indie designers out there has skyrocketed as of late.

Could be the cold weather in NYC; could be the jovial 1970s trends I’ve spotted here and there — Boy by Band of Outsiders’ Spring 2010 RTW collection certainly helped. Whatever it is, there’s just something about labels like San Francisco-based Nooworks that make one feel more relaxed…almost like a bona fide “dude” or whatever they say ’round that way…

Creme Calico Cutie Pie -- $84

Oh, and the prices are very, very nice…

They’re not just colored jeans — they’re sweet ass pants. Love the double entendre, and if these pants really make you look as killer groupie as the photo suggests, I am sold!

Sweet Ass Pants -- $88

Red Trim Surf Parka — $92

Red Trim Surf Parka -- $92


Balloon Girls -- $30

Learn more about Nooworks and find out where you can SHOP for their merch here.

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