Extraordinary Etsy

One could argue that when something hits the New York Times Style section, it’s as good as over. But they, and everyone else, is dead on about Etsy, the online shopping resource that has become something of a savior for indie designers who lack funding (and who doesn’t these days?) to lease a space for their wares.

Etsy is just amazing — a virtual Brooklyn flea where one-of-a-kind accessories and clothing (though I find it has better accessories than clothing) can be had for a song.

Here are some designers who caught my eye this week…starting with…

Twistedbag. Why is this necklace all in knots?

Rainbow Copper Necklace -- $35

Why is the purse called “Lil Titties All in a Row?”

Lil Titties All in a Row -- $145

I don’t know and I don’t care. I want them both.

Carol Hannah Whitfield Leather Bloom Belt — $78

Leather Bloom Belt -- $78

Navy Blue and White Striped Cowl or Scarf — $30

Cowl or scarf -- $30

Art deco headband — $34

Art deco headband -- $34

Quirky!! Ms. Pacman fingerless gloves — $18

fingerless gloves -- $18

The chartreuse coloring is to DIE for…Alexis Bittar handcarved lucite brooch pin — $100

Alexis Bittar handcarved lucite brooch pin -- $100

For now other reason than because spring will be here before you know it…$28

Oh My Sweet Deer -- $28

Happy shopping this holiday week!

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