Fashion News Roundup: Week of Dec. 20

The Los Angeles Times schools us in the difference between Italian and Scottish cashmere…and, well, cashmere from anywhere else. [Los Angeles Times]

This magical place Californians call Silver Lake…can I please move there? Specifically, next door to this woman so I can raid her Alabama Whitman-perfect wardrobe? [Los Angeles Times]

Air New Zealand has pulled out as the major sponsor of New Zealand Fashion Week. Apparently, both parties are in talks about continuing the partnership, and, with hope, this will be resolved asap so there’s no chance whatsoever of this affecting the brilliant, amazing Karen Walker.

Bored with the same old seasoned perspectives on fashion? Get a fresh take by reading some of Yougofurther’s blogger winning entries. [The Independent]

It’s time to get sentimental. The Orange County Register looks back on the fashion hits and misses of 2009 — two thumbs up for mentioning Karachi’s controversial fashion show…but really, can we encourage Lady Gaga to swap her muppets for a little avant garde Gareth Pugh in 2010? Come on, Lady, you can do it.

Are fashion bloggers finally sharing the same planet as seasoned mag editors? If you count 13-year-old Tavi Gevinson and her fashion week front row invites, not to mention similar seats for Fashionista, Fashiontoast and Fashionair, the answer is quite clear…and, apparently, angering many in the biz. [New York Times]

Oh my goodness, I love this slideshow that highlights the “new” kind of sexy dressing, which has less to do with bust-enhancing minidresses and more to do with Zooey Deschanel and Lou Doillon — hurray! [New York Times]

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