Spanish Moss Vintage

I don’t know about you, but I started to feel all New Year’s sentimental a lot earlier this year, which I’ll blame on the late-autumn blizzard we got here in NYC. Not sure what I’m wearing yet for New Year’s Eve, but I am really, really feeling the great party dresses Spanish Moss Vintage has been showing off lately.

Look at this gorgeous Pailette D’or Dress for $146. What really does it for me here is the beaded scallop sleeves and fact that it’s 100 percent silk, which means it won’t weigh you down. Festive and modern, while retaining a 1920s flapper spirit. It’s love for me.

And there are many more where that came from…

If you’re planning to celebrate NYE in an offbeat way — Twin Peaks marathon accompanied by various fruit pies and libations, perhaps — this sweater dress is a perfect conversation starter. And costs just $98 — not too shabby.

Jewel Tassel Dress -- $98

Bleu Velvet Dress
— $148 — southern gothic meets 60s groupie:

Bleu Velvey Dress -- $148

Julip Embroidered Dress — $98 — a little like the sexiest chastity belt ever created:

Julip Embroidered Dress -- $98

Lucid Dream Dress
— $78 — I like this one because it isn’t what you’d expect to see on NYE. A softer, sweeter tribute to figure skating and snow nights:

Lucid Dream Dress -- $78

Beechwood Canyon Maxi Dress — $119 — np need to worry, if short isn’t your cup of tea:

Beechwood Canyon Maxidress -- $119

Finally, let’s talk shoes. Since I’m not the biggest shoe freak in the world, I’ll focus on one pair. These glorious boots:

Massachusetts Riding Boots -- $112

The color — whiskey — has just enough hint of red to be….perfect. Add a stacked wood heel for winter comfort and I’m in heaven. If you’re a size 9.5, grab them before they’re gone!

Happy Holidays!

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