Fashion News Roundup: Week of Dec. 27

I was sure Lady Gaga would nab the top spot in every 2009 top fashion moments list, but Michelle Obama beat her with that gorgeous gossamer Jason Wu gown she wore at the Inauguration ball. And I promise this is the last “Best of 2009” link I’ll post. [Time]

Hmmm…did I say no more reflective pieces? I lied. The National Post has a great piece about fashion moving away from high-priced designer labels to more DIY trends. My fave quote: No trend can rule. Wide tie or Cusack skinny, slim flat-front trousers or pleated harem pants. Just don’t think that a lot of manipulation hasn’t gone into why you chose it. Pause for a minute to think about what you buy and why. Then wear whatever the hell you want. [National Post]

I promised not to look back again. But I didn’t say we couldn’t look forward. Huffington Post explores 15 outlandish ways designers imagined we’d dress in the future. [Huffington Post]

A dressing room mirror may soon be able to tell you if you look like a complete clown in the outfit you’ve chosen — sweet. Five grad students invented Smart.Mirror, which uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology to detect what shoppers are buying so it can give you helpful tips on other items in the store that will complement what you’re wearing. [Richmond-Times Dispatch]

I’m super excited about all the turquoise coming up in spring 2010. Tulsa World shares my enthusiasm. [Tulsa World]

Women’s Wear Daily shows us why eighties crinoline will never, ever work on anyone who isn’t either over 25 or dressing up as Minnie Mouse. [Women’s Wear Daily]

Ugh. Lindsay, Lindsay. It seems we have another line to look forward to from Ms. Lohan, which will include more leggings and little leather jacket things. Autumn 2010 for all you fans. [Hindustan Times]

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