Urban Outfitters makes great tights

Got $10 to $14 and a creative mind?

Urban Outfitters’ amazing selection of leggings, opaque and ornate tights are constructed well and come in a broad range of colors like cherry tomato, peacock, navy and purple rain. For little money, you can take an old or otherwise blah outfit and make it a look.

UO’s line:

Thanks to fashion bloggers, the sartorial stars of our generation, it’s easy to envision these tights working with a variety of outfits. Think of this post as both a love letter to tights and the bloggers who make them special. Like…YeYe! Style Blog…both pairs are from UO…

Other great bloggers who do tights justice (sorry, UO, several recession-friendly labels will now be represented..whoot, whoot):

The Cherry Blossom Girl in Topshop bow tights:

Alice Point…in H&M lace leggings:

The fabulous Pandora…whom I only wish would the labels for each item she wears:

I adore Esme and the Lane Way and thought I had bookmarked the site, then realized I had forgotten to do so and spent the next three days going around and around to other great blogs to find her site again.

Anyway. Topshop tights:

Forever new tights:

Unspecified labels…but seriously well styled:

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