Lola’s — Best boutique in South Brooklyn

Lola’s Boutique is kind of set up to look like your most fashionable friend’s (colossal and breathtaking) closet.

Owner Mariana Nuziale picks each article of clothing, accessory and novelty item with great care, is sweet as sugar and never, ever pushes you to buy a thing. While I wouldn’t categorize the store as “recession friendly” — it is a boutique, after all — it beats the pants out of similar Williamsburg shops that are both disgustingly amazing and ridiculously overpriced.

Considering the fact that Lola’s is really is the only game of its kind in town — I’m not counting Consign Connection, which is a fantastic store that focuses more on designer labels — Nuziale is incredibly fair with her pricing.

On a recent trip, I purchased a studded Luluvia navy dress that still makes me giddy (less than $60), and I am currently coveting the following items, in no particular order:

Lace-up Flat by MIA — $60

Tarina Tarantino Bow Necklace — $100

New Castle — $68

Clay Skull Cross — $15

House of Harlow 1960s Cuff — $110

And I’ve just decided I’m sick of skinny jeans and want THESE ASAP!

Genetic Denim “The Morgan” Trouser Jean — $176

Live in NYC and want to pop over to the shop? Here are the details:

Lola’s Boutique
8503 Third Ave.
(718) 745-4300

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