Ballerina Fashion

Granted, there isn’t a whole lot to say about ballet slippers, which have now been popular for what? Feels like ten years now!

But the movie “The Black Swan” seems to have captured the imaginations of some fashion designers. Rather than post pictures of the obligatory tulle skirt, have a look instead at Lyn Devon’s modern interpretation of the classic ballerina. Think long, lean and layered.

Some of my favorite ballet-inspired items:

Free People Angel Ruffle Scarf -- $58.00

Ballet meets Navajo princess..and a great price for Tory Burch!

Tory Burch Eddie Beaded Ballet Flats -- $87.50

Birds! A bit more pricey, I know. But absolutely freaking adorable, no?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Ballet Flats -- $195.00

Forget the tutu. Two simple black ballet dresses that can actually be worn by grown women:

First a pricier version:

Rebecca Taylor Ballet Dress -- $298.00

And a recession-friendly alternative:

Obey Breathless Dress -- $49.99

Happy dancing!

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