Pregnant, but barely, fashion

I’m three months pregnant and, like most women having their first child, my emotions range from scared to excited to terrified. So, when I find myself waking up at 3 a.m. and unable to fall back asleep until 15 mins before my alarm is due to ring (of course), I sometimes idle away the time looking up maternity fashion.

It’s not good news, people.

I assumed maternity fashion had evolved a whole hell of a lot more than I’m finding it has. Oversized sweaters and tunics are wonderful, but also a little boring, no? Until I find the maternity fashion line(s) of my dreams, here’s a list of my latest Modcloth “safe for women who are just 3-4 mos pregnant and beginning to show slightly” clothing orders. Mind you, Modcloth is NOT a maternity clothing site, just an amazing place to find overall flattering dresses and sweaters.

Observatory Story Dress -- $99.99

This one’s in the running for favorite holiday party dress.

Cinema Foyer Dress -- $139.99

With black opaque stocking and heels, a great New Year’s Eve option…assuming I don’t pass out before 11..

Geode to Joy Dress -- $47.99

Strong color, festive, and even less expensive than the previous option.

Does the Trick Cardigan -- $57.99

…Because at the end of the day, I’ll still need a cozy cardigan.

Portfolio Prep Cardigan -- $69.99

Yet another cardigan, but this one features snaps that let you customize how you drape the folds, and an interesting denim-sweater combo that I’m kind of digging.

Eye in the Sky Heel -- $149.99

As long as I can still wear heels without falling over, I’m wearing these. The thick, chunky wooden heel is both comfortable and rustic and the color — perfection.

If anyone can suggest maternity clothes that don’t suck, spread the love!

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