I want to be Megan Draper today…

Disclaimer: this post is going to be a bipolar mess. I’m going to pretend I’m practicing my stream of consciousness writing style.

My mod love affair begins with the story of my first ever purchase from a major designer. The year was..let’s say 2000-something, and I walked into the Marc Jacobs boutique on Bleeker absolutely determined to pay full retail for at least one MJ piece. Don’t know why — even though its half shift/half A-line shape always reminded me of those poorly drawn graphics of “women” on the doors of Women’s Bathrooms in restaurants across the country – this was the dress I chose to drop a whole lot of first-year-as-a-publisher’s-assistant mula on:

Though the model wearing it looks thoroughly unhappy, I can assure you I have no regrets about my purchase. Ten or so years later (holy cow, how can that be) and the lovely white collar is a bit less stark-white, but I still pull this number out of my closet once or twice a year, styling it differently each time. Back when I bought it, I was unaware of how much the “modness” of this dress spoke to me. When i began watching Mad Men a few years too late (as in, this year) I found myself more drawn to Megan Draper’s swingin’ 60s style than anything prim Betty would wear. And so now I’m obsessed with all things mod and about to link some of Megan’s greatest outfits with a few reasonably priced renditions.

#1: In honor of summer — the high-waisted white shorts Megan wears when she pushes Don to take her to Fire Island:

I love this cheapie pair because it lacks pockets and is big on sailor flair — snag a pair on Ebay for just $22.99:

#2: Megan’s rendition of Zhou Bisou Bisou was really just an excuse to flaunt this sheer-sleeved black dress:

This one’s kind of close, though I’d love to remove the cuffs and let the sleeves really flow out — Vena Cava Sheer-Sleeve Silk Dress — $158:

#3: Would it be 1966 without Pucci inspiration?

While there is nothing like a real Pucci, here are a few options:

Milly Ella Beaded Cutout Dress — $138:

Loyer.mod — I couldn’t resist a maxi take on the trend — $49.50:

Atomretro Paisley Retro Ruffle Front Sixties Mod Dress — $40.77:

AtomRetro.com Rock Steady Mod Dress by Mademoiselle Yeye — $138.65:

I can take or leave the one-shoulder aspect of this Modcloth.com dress, but the zigzag print and colors put me in a very mod spirit — $52.99:

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