Be the hottest librarian in the galaxy, courtesy of Derek Lam

Derek Lam’s F/W 2012 collection has been called “bookish” by some, but I beg to differ. I think a more appropriate descriptive term might be “thoughtful,” or even “nerdishly calculating.” Although I’ve read the designer placed bookmarks that said “The Library” on each of the seats at his show, I can’t help but think the librarian calls to mind a woman who is so focused on Joyce she doesn’t understand or care to understand the power of her image and beauty. In Lam’s designs, I found something conservative, tasteful, and self aware.

Let’s have a peek:

LOVE the way this top is cut to resemble a sweatshirt and then paired with a skirt made from sexy, sexy material:


Don’t tell me Shirley Manson from Garbage wouldn’t have killed to have this dress and booties:


Best of the rest. (p.s. am loving the 1960s-inspired matching separates):






It’s difficult to find mere pieces that replicate Lam because he is an absolute genius when it comes to styling. I want to die just looking at what he did with those otherwise unwearable gold Oxfords. With Lam’s collection, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

But let’s try anyway…operation affordable sexed-up geek:

Prim neckline, sheer sleeves, color of the season – $49.99


By itself, it’s a bit too obvious, but imagine throwing a Lam-like grey sweatshirt-type blouse over it and voila! Pretty close to Lam, don’t you think? Stop Staring $158


People Tree £34.80


Topshop’sTextured Pleat Tunic – $52


Devil’s in the details with this one: rounded, beaded collar, cute pleats, and the darker vertical stripe down the middle of the front makes it appear as if the rest of the top of the dress is sheer. H&M $59.95


Warehouse Organza Embroidered Skirt $91.14


I love you, houndstooth — from Etsy — $150

And, if you insist, gold Oxfords by Wanted $30.79


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