Angora, bustiers and birds! Fall/Winter — Lyn Devon-Style

Lyn Devon’s motivation is as candid as they come. Born and raised in New York City with a clothing line that is produced entirely in NYC (a rarity these days?), the designer knows exactly how uptown girls want to dress and, boy, does she deliver.

If I had a fairy godmother, having Devon dress me every day for the rest of my life would undoubtedly be my number three wish (priorities, people). Until that happens, I shall swoon over her flawless F/W 2012 collection. Bird prints. An oversized midnight blue angora sweater worn as a cape. And don’t even start me on the parade of gorgeous, deceptively-difficult-to-find-in-a-store ankle-length trousers she thought she could hide from me by pairing them with disproportionately roomy, and inanely beautiful jackets (Devon’s deep tangerine classic may be my favorite outerwear piece this season).

A look at Lyn Devon’s perfect tribute to finding love in the big city — followed by an attempt to unearth worthy affordable replications:

Let’s begin with birds, glorious birds. It may not be a new concept, but – given the fact that they’ve been associated with birth, wisdom, and peace since medieval times – birds continue to be a provide inspiration for major designers this season.




Next up, the angora sweater, which Devon has said she feels is her “fur” medium. Makes me think of glam pin-up stars from a bygone era:



….bustiers…wool bustiers, no less, that manage to look conservative:



Heart print sweater because, why not?


..and then there’s this coat. Paired with THESE pants. Someone please tell me where I can get pants cut like this?


More affordable alternatives. Mixing birds with a bustier:

Bank £8

20120802-115432.jpg $32.99

20120802-115624.jpg Coat $169.99


Parrots at Zara $59.90


Combining hearts and angora. The Outnet $150

20120802-120534.jpg $39.77


Totally not like Devon’s trousers, but desperation kicked in. $33.14


Tangerine love. Twilight Orchid £45


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