Band of Outsiders’ Spaghetti Western Style

Band of Outsiders was inspired this season by old spaghetti westerns and Mexican embroidery, but I am happy to say there isn’t a single dream catcher to be found in their collection. In other words, to emulate their style, one should look for neutrals and romantic pieces, rather than costume-y ponchos (although one poncho featuring a matching skirt was gorgeous).

Let’s have a look:


The fur accents here are perfect:




Reminiscent of the laid back early 90s:


No one ever said Western style couldn’t include black – the sheerness and tiny florals remind me of a night in the desert:



The perfect poncho/skirt combo:


If you feel lost without color, consider incorporating Tangerine Tango (Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year) and Ultramarine Green into your wardrobe – just remember to temper your hot colors with a cool one:


It can be tricky finding Western-style clothing that doesn’t belong at a Halloween party, but it can be done! The evidence follows:

Zara Pin Tucked Embroidered Dress – $99.90


Forever 21Layered Wide Slit Leg Jumpsuit – $29.80


I love you, Free People…

Free PeopleWild Horses Dress – $168


Neiman MarcusColorblock V-Neck Poncho and Matching Leggings – $100


Lulu’s is currently featuring a collection called Desert Fox, which you assume would be perfect, but it contains way too many obvious prints and “southwestern-inspired” short, tight dresses ( aren’t those over yet?) I thought this was a cute idea, though, for a Wild West-meets-Preppie sweater look:

Lulu’s, $49


Modcloth.comOregon Trailing Dress, $49.99


Listen, I realize this one is a stretch, and I hate even including Abercrombie & Fitch here, if solely because they have a collection called “Privileged Prep.” But it’s got ruffles and it’s black, and I could see it working with black cowboy boots, so hate me if you must (But remember that I hate myself enough for this):

Abercrombie & FitchElissa Dress, $68


Is it too late to redeem myself? Thank you, Squashblossomvintage at Etsy, $68


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