I want to be Ali MacGraw today…

Like clockwork, I get a bit nostalgic for school, wool coats, and plaid each September. Not surprisingly, I also get the urge to watch “Love Story” when the weather turns cool and, like millions of women who become mesmerized by Ali MacGraw’s camel coat, red tights, and pleated plaid miniskirts, I decide this will be the fall/winter when I pledge allegiance to all-things preppy. Ali’s style was impeccable both on and off screen, as she mastered the ability to infuse 70s gypsy chic with classic pieces that will never go out of style (black pea coat, I will get you this year).

The amazing Ali:









Let’s see where we can find pieces that match up in the real world.

First and foremost, there is no Love Story without the amazing camel coat. Here’s one that, although very different from Ali’s, features dolman sleeves and a unique collar, $135.99

Likewise, the (faux) fur hat is essential..this one is from Etsy and is only $29.95

Everyone should have a plaid skirt in their closet. Whether you go for super short…

JK2, $34.20

…Or ladylike…

Modcloth.com, $34.99

…Pair it with a classic black cashmere sweater, like this one from RE.SET, $158

..and don’t forget red tights to keep your legs warm when temperatures plunge — These are a bargain at $8.38:

Pair your highly versatile black peacoat…

The North Face, $95

…with a red plaid scarf like this one from Gentleman’s Emporium, $19.95 (yep, I know this scarf is for men, but it’s so beautiful, so who cares?):

And, finally, what do you wear when your billionaire boyfriend wants you to meet his parents at their home on Long Island’s Gold Coast and you’re a money-conscious beauty? A magenta dress, for sure. THIS magenta dress from modcloth.com, just $49.99:


Can’t wait to swaddle myself in a blanket and watch “Love Story” for the hundredth time!

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