Baroque at its best: Dolce & Gabbana

I used to find old photos of my mother and her friends fascinating; in particular, those taken in the early to mid-70s at bridal and baby showers. Ruffles were abundant and everyone looked a bit like birthday cake (in the best possible way).

For some reason, one blouse, worn by one of my favorite aunts, immediately came to mind as I flipped through images from Dolce & Gabbana’s F/W 2012 collection. It looked a lot like this, only in powder blue (it being the 70s and all):

Now, I should add here that D&G did far more than recreate a fave Bohemian look of mine. They took black, white, cream, and a dash of gold and designed the sartorial equivalent of Catholicism. Black capes broke bread with white lace; Baroque gold details stood out like a shining chalice against sheer black dresses.

The few spots of color came in the form of florals and fruits that looked like they’d been plucked from Sicilian trees.

Let the copycat work begin.

First up, H&M, $19.95:

H&M, $34.95:

Zara lace dress, $99.90:

River Island Black and Gold Baroque Sequin Shift Dress, £60:

Etsy, baby, $110:

Nasty Gal, $61.60:

The Morpheus, $79.99:, $83.45:

Vintage 1980s Black Rabbit Real Fur Cape — but it’s on Ebay, so hurry! $197.29:

Lipsy Double Breasted Cape, $77:

Did I mention there were leopard spots at D&G?

This cutie reminded me — Velvet by Graham & Spencer, $79.97

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