Mercato Head Scarves at Brooklyn Flea

Recently, I came across the following image on Pinterest and have been thinking about head scarves ever since:

Wait, I’m lying. Now that I think about it, THIS image of Sara Dylan sitting on her porch in Woodstock (with some unknown ragamuffin) is probably what really got me considering the carefree chicness of this bohemian accessory:

And then Megan Draper wore one on Mad Men…

…and I’ve decided it’s time to figure out how to incorporate this trend into my fall wardrobe.

Which leads me to the following rave about the Brooklyn Flea and Mercato, an indie line that creates amazing headscarves, which they sell online and at the weekend Flea.

I’ve been frequenting the Flea for a few years now. With outposts in both Fort Greene and Williamsburg, the Flea features vendors who sell everything from Australian moisturizers (Australian Scent — try the Balm of Gilead) to vintage dresses and ice pops (People’s Pops) made with fresh, locally-grown fruit.

I never really noticed Mercato until recently, but designer Chika Michieli has been creating amazing hair accessories — and even baby clothes — for years. Her hats, headbands, and head scarves are highly wearable and reasonably priced. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces. If you can’t get to the Brooklyn Flea, check out her website for pricing and details on how to place an order.


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