We Are Here: jewelry you can wear with overalls

I love a designer who gives back.

Emilie Shapiro, the creative genius responsible for We Are Here’s eclectic, Brooklyn-based jewelry collections, doesn’t just design amazing pieces, she actually offers private jewelry-making lessons in her Brooklyn studio (for more info, contact her directly at emilie@emilieshapiro.com).

That’s reason #1 why you should love her.

Reason #2: she uses recycled materials to craft her pieces–part of that aforementioned “giving back” appeal of hers.

Reason #3: Each piece reflects a location that is meaningful to her.

Reason #4: Emilie considers herself an “Alchemist.” Which is badass.

Honestly, her jewelry resonates with me because it’s imperfect and casual enough to be worn with overalls, on a hiking trip.

I also feel like Emilie could go hiking in Bear Mountain, trip on a few dirty stones, pick them up, and craft a beautiful pair of earrings from them. That’s talent, folks.


2 thoughts on “We Are Here: jewelry you can wear with overalls

  1. Hi! This is Emilie, the maker of We Are Here. Just found this online, thanks for posting about me 🙂
    P.S. I do like to hike, fall often, and collect EVERYTHING while outdoors and make things from it!! xo

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