Natty Paint grows up, stays young

What do you get when you take bold but wearable prints, add a whole lot of Baltimore edge, and a dash of Brooklyn street style?

You get Natty Paint–a smart label that is quietly and consistently producing some of the coolest art-inspired collections in Brooklyn.

Founded in 2009 in Baltimore, Natty Paint gained a following with local artists and musicians (including M.I.A. and members of Animal Collective) and, looking back on past collections, it’s difficult to determine where indie music ended and the clothes began. For example, check out this dress from FW 2010:

Over the seasons, Natty Paint (now based out of Brooklyn) toned down its glitter indie rock aesthetic. I’m happy to say, that while its fantastic F/W 2012 collection is slightly more–dare I use the word–“mature,” it retains 100 percent of its charming edge.

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