Geometric prints: inspired by street fashion bloggers

I’ve tried to deny it. I’ve attempted to buck the trend. But it’s no use.

I am finding myself so much more inspired by fashion bloggers–the sort-of, but not quite, ordinary folk–than with what I see on the runways. Is this a sign of reverse aging?

And so it makes sense to dedicate a whole lot of space to celebrating the unique styles of our favorite bloggers…alongside shopping tips on where we can find similar looks on the cheap (because you want to borrow from your fashion idols, not mimic them…)

I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to lately, simply because I haven’t been feeling too many runway trends. But why limit it to runway when insane inspiration exists on blogs such as Atlantic-Pacific?

So I’ll start with a woman who needs no introduction: Blair Eadie. Blair does everything well, but in my opinion, she is especially fetching when she gives a wink to the 1950s and 60s. She could singlehandedly bring back the french twist…

Blair’s dress is from This particular style must be out of stock because I couldn’t find it on their site. But there are plenty of other geometric options this season–especially because the mod look was all over the spring 2013 runway (see? I was still able to make a runway reference).

Angle of Approachability Dress, $49.99

White House Black Market– Geo Print Matte Jersey Dress, $98, $80.24

Bold Sense of Tile Skirt, $27.99

Cuteness! Zara Checkered Print Dress, $59.90

Free People Check This Pattern Maxi Cardigan, $99.95

Rockport Presia S Qtr Sling, $140

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