I want to be Scarlett from Mad Men today…

As the usually independent Megan Draper becomes more needy and settled as a married dame, her wardrobe has also shifted from exciting and bold to cable sweaters, slacks, and more slacks. So, sadly, today I do not wish to be Megan Draper.

But after watching last Sunday’s Season 6 Episode 5 “To Have and To Hold,” I feel inspired once again—by a secretary (turned Harry’s mistress, perhaps?) named Scarlett.

Scarlett is a bit of a firecracker. Am I the only one who can’t help but feel her fear of Joan is a bit of an act? Genius Costume Designer Janie Bryant must realize this girl has Joan-like aspirations because her wardrobe consists of vivid jewel toned mod dresses that are just short enough to show off knock-out go-go boots, but high enough in the neckline to appear professional.

Here’s what the episode’s best-dressed character wore:

From left to right: Peacock blue to scheme her way out of work, bright coral when facing Joan (note the way Scarlett’s dress clashes with Joan’s hair…the one color Joanie could never pull off?), and navy with green vertical stripes for her victory walk with Harry Crane.

And here are some affordable replicas for those times you feel like a sassy mod chick:

Modcloth A Matter of Tact Dress–$49.99

Rusty Zipper — $58

Lord & Taylor– $65.99

Saks Fifth Avenue — $83 (But would Scarlett do black and white?)

Saks Fifth Avenue — $125

Etsy — $69 (more yellow..because I can picture Scarlett rocking this color)

I don’t see white go-go boots making a comeback anytime soon…but these are adorable alternatives..Modcloth Everlasting Mod Shopper Flat — $124.99

And check out these awesome tips on how to get away with wearing a mod dress when you’re well past your teenage years…I agree with almost everything (a classic pump with a short mod dress? Hmmm..not sure how I feel about that one..)

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