I Want to Be Sookie Stackhouse Today…(But Girl-in-the-White-Dress Sookie)

I’ll admit it: I’ve fallen a bit out of love with Sookie Stackhouse come lately. Oh, the black leather and the badassery were adorably out of character, and I appreciated that temporary change in her nature–but when she openly admitted to Eric last Sunday what I’ve been thinking for seasons–that she just wants to be that girl in the white dress again–well, bless her heart, I believe many of us sighed and thought aloud: YES, YES, SOOKIE. WE WANT THAT FOR YOU, TOO.

When True Blood debuted, I daydreamed about dying my hair blonde, applying fake tanner, and moving down south so I could become a more charming individual. Then I realized I could fake those attributes by wearing white lace, delicate printed bustiers, and pastel day dresses. Hurray for fashion! Let’s revisit a simpler time in Bon Temps:

..And now, real fashion for our Once Upon a Time Sookie:

Modcloth: RSV Pretty Dress, $64.99

ModCloth: In a Clouded Room Top, $51.99

Full Tilt Floral Women’s Corset, $21.99

Lilac Plain A-line V-neck Zipper Chiffon Cocktail Dress, $89.49

Modcloth: The Prettiest Pixie Dress, $74.99

Miss Daisy Eyelet Dress, $99

Sunday Cycle Dress, $82

Paving Stone Path Flat, $34.99


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