Today I want to be…in 1960s Hawaii

I’m even boring myself lately with all of this Mad Men fashion adoration. I mean, enough already. I’m at the point where I would dedicate a blog entry to Clara, Pete’s secretary, but I can’t imagine researching long-sleeved Edwardian blouses when we’re minutes away from July. But, before I continue onto Hawaii–a more appropriate setting for my summer frame of mind–Clara was pretty amazing this season, don’t you think?

Back to business. This inspiration is from a few episodes back, so brace yourself. Megan on a Hawaiian vacation = lilac and orange, blue and fuchsia, multi-colored caftans, bold floral bikinis.

So, where do we find Megan-like Hawaii fashion?

Etsy, $74

Rusty Zipper, $59 Garden Surprise Peplum Blouse, $39.95

Modcloth: Vintage Royal Hawaiian Dress, $34.95. This dress is too perfect! Please come back…

Modcloth: Time in the Tropics Shorts, $37.99

Asos: Sunseeker Hawaiian Floral Bikini Pant ($13.58) and bikini top ($22.06)

Etsy, $58

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