Patriotic fashion that won’t embarrass us overseas

I’m about to reveal my age, but as I’m not actively hiding it either, it’s no big deal. Growing up, I associated patriotic fashion with this image:

Oh, Cindy. You were my third favorite supermodel, after Christy and Kate. And this photo shows why. Can you imagine Kate wearing that predictable getup at Glastonbury? Yeah, I know she’s British’re missing the point.

Anyway, the question on every American woman’s lips is: what can we wear that shows the world we love this great country as much as the next girl, but that doesn’t beg for a member of Kid Rock’s entourage to try and seduce us in the back of a van?

And the answer is…one of these awesome ensembles that salutes our nation’s colors without defiling them. Happy 4th, all!

Etsy, $20

Etsy, $9.32

Etsy, $12

Etsy, $68

Etsy, $26

Etsy, $55

USTrendy, $23

Modcloth, $89.99

Modcloth, $174.99

Modcloth, $37.99

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