Three ways to work a vintage cardigan into your summer wardrobe

Have you heard of LiZi? It’s a great new vintage-inspired clothing site, similar to Modcloth. Right now they’re having a 20 percent off sale on a great deal of their merchandise and you should definitely check out their site if you love killer 50s/60s fashions as much as I do. I was able to get a sneak peek at their autumn line and you are in for a real treat, so bookmark their page!!

Anyway, I’ve been freelancing a bit as a copywriter/blogger for them and received this gorgeous cardigan as a reward:


It’s hard to see the unique and adorable silver bow button details in this photo, but they are just stunning. If you’re wondering how you can incorporate this piece in your summer/late summer wardrobe, have a look at my guest blog post for LiZi:

Three Ways to Wear One Great LiZi Cardigan

The site’s owners are searching for more guest vintage-loving bloggers to contribute to its new site. If you want to learn more, drop me a message! You’ll receive a small bit of $$, and it’s a good opportunity to gain exposure as a fashion/vintage blogger.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Three ways to work a vintage cardigan into your summer wardrobe

  1. So you call yourself a freelance writer but you don’t put ‘Lisa Fogarty’ only ‘Lisa’ on your ‘articles’ that’s not acceptable. Nor is the fact you don’t provide your email. I am writing here because you don’t supply email to comment on your totally inadequate reviews of no show socks on Bustle. Did you actually wear any of the socks you recommended? Because I have and half of them are totally crappy socks. Do your homework next time – it’s not good enough to identify yourself as a reviewer without proving you know your stuff or not identify yourself properly anywhere without you full name.

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