Here’s my humble effort to push the unusual or little-known designers who make life and dressing just a wee bit more interesting.

And I’m not above sharing a rare find from Target or Walmart. It’s what you do with clothing, not how much it costs!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. In no way I am defending his comments, but what brought me here was the “Female Success” part of the title. The author of this article can’t deny that in the media females are given more credit for success especially if it’s against a male. It’s only human nature to be annoyed by what is essentially rubbing it in someone’s face. I recall a boy who played for the Girls LaCrosse team(Boys was gone because of good old Title IX) and he was a younger and smaller than the girls..he dominated..he did so well they actually kicked him off the team and he had to go to court to win his way back on the team. Point is the media wasn’t praising him for beating older girls..they actually said they were glad he was kicked off the team! So the guy who wrote the tweet, his anger shouldn’t have been at the girl but at a society and media

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